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Konjit Berhanu – leader in Addis Ababa ministering in Northern Ethiopia

Updated: May 16

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


Northern Ethiopia has been the center of a terrible Civil War, costing the lives of over 500,000 people! It is a very tribal area with violent fiefdoms! Outsiders, whether Ethiopian or not, take their lives in their own hands whenever they enter that territory! 

Our dear sister Konjit Berhanu, has an amazing heart of compassion and courage.  This is the second time this Spring that she has gone to the North to bring desperately needed aid to people who have not only faced War but a terrible drought that has caused massive starvation! They give support money, where they are not able to carry in large amounts of cargo… 

Their ministry is not only to bring life saving aid but reconciliation and healing, by the power of God - II Cor. 5:18

We hope to join them while on this mission trip, June 12-19, to see the ministry first hand and bring what assistance God will provide for us to share…

Dear Pastor Jerry, hope you’re doing great. Last weekend by Gods grace we’re able to visit Tigray a town called Wukro. We gave out cash gift for over 400 families: widows, elderlies, prostitutes, some handicapped for Ethiopian/ Orthodox Easter. It was a very joyful and rewarding experience. We received lots of blessing words from the elderly! Naturally reconciliation happened. - Konjit Berhanu



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