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Musing with Rolfe

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


About a week ago Rolfe asked a really thoughtful question, one that could kind of languish in the back of your mind;  But I thought that it was provoked by the Lord and significant enough to speak openly about it with our dear hosts here in Ukraine.

His question was, would we be as welcome in the future without anything to bring but ourselves, that is, unable to bring any financial support - like, Jesus only? And, if they had to pay for all of our needs, for food, transportation, housing etc. would we still be as welcome?

We brought less resource and support this trip than we have in many years, so the question for what might be ahead, is real!

I had an idea what they might say, but it was even sweeter than I had imagined! They said what would change?  We all serve God together with whatever we have - “No change, just the same!”  “You are always welcome here, we’re family!” 

We have broached this question several times with different families and they all looked at us like we fell off our chair and bumped our head!  When we ate dinner with the regional pastor, his family and some other friends in Kharkiv, Dema Goncharov, they just looked at us and quoted John 6:68… “ you have the words of eternal life!”

We are just here to represent Him.  Now in our new city, Dnepro, we have received the same sweet response… this is not how I think the world responds, but in God’s Kingdom of Love, there is no other way!  II John 6


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