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Update from the Ukrainian Border…

Updated: May 16

by Jerry Theckston


It is the middle of the night, and our train has stopped at the Polish/ Ukrainian border, both sides take turns inspecting our documents and anything else they are concerned about - we are all hoping to get through without incident… War just creates a lot of tension everywhere!

Our dear brother Gennadii, senior pastor in the Kharkiv region, writes about his concerns for this upcoming visit. He and his amazing wife Lena have been facing horrific bombings since February of 2022, many many people look to them for courage, strength and resource!  Certainly, you can feel the weariness as these bombings have continued to increase and are taking their toll both physically and emotionally! 

Isaiah 40:1 is a commandment from God, “Comfort, Comfort My people, says the Lord!” Who comforts the comforters who are running out of gas?  It is a mandate I have been called to, and my desire, after our 30 years of journeying together in Christ- Acts 20:24…

Shalom, dear Jerry!

Today, our church held a festive service dedicated to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I congratulate you and Sue once again with the words: CHRIST IS RISEN! TRULY RESURRECTED! The Lord has already made sure that you have a good place to live in Kharkiv. If all goes well, you will live in the apartment with Anya, as last time. The owners of this apartment, Vitaly and Nadia, are still in the USA with their children. Therefore, you will live not far from us.

How was the question resolved with the arrival of Lev? If he cannot come to Kharkiv, we will have to find an interpreter. Please write so that we know in advance. I have a desire for you to preach on Sunday, May 12 in our church. Is it possible to write you into the sermon schedule for this day?

Lena and I really want to meet you, but we are worried about your safety and the safety of your companions. Currently, the city of Kharkiv is under fire every day and every night. Today, despite the holiday, war criminals from Russia shelled our city twice - in the morning during the service and also in the afternoon.

By the grace of God, He protects us and other believers until the present time. But this does not exclude the application of security measures. We love you, pray for you and wish you God's blessings, God's protection and understanding of His will in your life.

Your brother in Jesus, Gennadii



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