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Northern Ethiopia

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


It’s been a very long day and I’ll write more later, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of our incredible time in Northern Ethiopia!

The first picture shows me walking through the refugee camp which was our destination!  There have been over one million people killed in this terrible civil War!

When we were giving out little cookie packages, we had all the kids sit down in groups- like Jesus in John 6!

It worked great but a little later the camp leaders tried to give out more cookies to kids without sitting them down first!  It was a mob scene!  They crawled all over each other, knocked the cookie boxes right out of the men’s hands, and were in total chaos!  When we had them sitting down everything was in perfect order- just the way Jesus did it! He  always knows what He is talking about!

We had to rent a truck to carry all the flour and cookie boxes, but the owner originally was pretty grouchy and difficult to deal with.  But once he saw what we were doing, he hopped right in!  He helped with the distribution and loving on kids!  He was so touched by the kids that he wants to come back on his own and also to build a hen house so that the kids could have fresh eggs every day!

God not only multiplies fishes and loaves but also people that He brings to Himself and then uses to care for the least of these!  Matthew 25:40

Editor's note: Stay tuned! After Jerry sent the last picture, the power and internet went out! 


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