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Pastor Jerry hit the ground running!

Updated: May 16

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


Jerry sent the following update with the promise to finish up with more after dinner, but it ended up being so late that he kept falling asleep while trying to write!  Remember it's 9 hours later there! Stay tuned!

#1   Julia and Zhenya- brother and sister.  Julia is the head of the rehabilitation department in a very large hospital.  Zhenya just graduated from medical school last year and now he is finishing his first year of residency, specializing in cardiology! Zhenya is my host here in Kiev whenever I come into town…

#2   This was a soldier on the frontline.  He had a traumatic brain injury from a bomb that hit near by.  When he started rehab, he couldn’t even speak! Now, he can sound out some letters and is learning how to count again!  The progress has been miraculous but how is it even possible that we can do such things to each other?!

#3  The two men here were hit with shrapnel, one lost the lower part of his leg, the other ( Arman, in the back) has all kinds of pins and rods in hopes that his leg might be saved! Our time together was very warm and encouraging and they agreed to having their picture taken…

#4  These brothers were grateful for the visit and I think are getting ready to be released, at least to outpatient status!  They all love to know that somebody from the outside knows they are there and cares!

#5  Arman was going through physical therapy when we arrived and had a great spirit! We compared notes on leg surgeries and rehab!


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