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The Global Care Force

Updated: May 16

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


Everybody in the picture is a doctor except for the young boy, Artom, and the girl with the grey shirt who assists them!

We have been walking with the Prystupiuk family for 20 years now and they are all leaders in specialized fields! They are also the key elements to the medical team that we have helped support for all those 20 years!

They and a few others have started a ministry called, “The Global Care Force”.  Doctors from all over the World come and spend a week near the front lines to care for the military and civilians who do not have access to prescriptions and/or to medical care! 

The team rotates and a group goes out one week each month, usually with five doctors from other Countries! These foreign doctors pay $5,000 each to foot the bills for the trip, just for the privilege of serving as volunteers!  Amazing Grace!!


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