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Update from our friends in Krasnodar…

by Jerry Theckston


Shalom dear friends, May the peace of God rule in your hearts and minds as you continue to follow and serve the Living God- our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

This morning I received an amazing letter from one of the leaders in Krasnodar Russia! Krasnodar is on the Russian side of the fiercest fighting in Eastern Ukraine!  

There are many challenges in Russia today, but the most dominate issue for these dear believers is the work of the Holy Spirit, as He matures the saints and continues to build community like the 1st Century followers of Jesus experienced!  Their roots are going down deep and their influence is spreading out in every direction!  

Despite this terrible War, God is doing a miraculous work that is only getting stronger day by day!   When you pray for our international work, please don’t forget our Russian brothers and sisters who are wholehearted followers of our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are all One!!     John 17:20-23

Dear Brother Jerry, shalom and goodness from the Lord Jesus Christ!

Dear Pastor, I want to share with you the events that have happened here recently. and so are the testimonies of God's work in our hearts. 

Time is changeable here. We see how many believers are being tested. Several people in my environment, whom I trust, also testified that they prophetically feel the changes in the Body of Christ. God gives dreams and visions for edification and confirmation. The time has come when the Lord says: it's time to fix the lamps. You need to explore yourself - who the heart worships and what a person dedicates himself to every day. We need to stay awake in the Holy Spirit!

In March, a terrorist attack occurred in the center of the country, many people were injured. We don't know how events will unfold, but the mood of the people here is not the calmest. Many are alarmed and worried that the conflict may intensify and go far beyond what it is now.

We pray that the struggle will stop... and how sad it is to learn news about outbreaks of hostilities in different countries and on continents. And also about the cataclysms that occur every year. Can you imagine, in January we had a low-amplitude earthquake in Krasnodar. This has never happened here before. Everyone was surprised! Therefore, we can definitely say that recent events are coming true. As the Scripture says, all this should have been (Mk 13:7-13, Mt 23:3-13, ..)

But we are not discouraged here, but on the contrary, the Lord arouses good zeal and boldness about holiness and obedience to Him! He teaches us to distinguish between spirits, to distinguish between people, and also what we are have filling with: our spiritual food and even physical food.

He teaches us to take care of the temple of our body with understanding, as the Scripture says (1 Cor 6:19-20). Never before have we thought so seriously and deeply about these things. The Lord is our Teacher, He wants us to abide in His Word, to study the Related Scriptures with a renewed mindset - as His sons, and not just as slaves. And it is extremely important to have prayer time in solitude, which you have always talked about here with us.. This is all that sounds to us now from God with special importance!

The Lord also reveals a lot to Vova and me about heredity in Christ. About who the heirs are. These are not just people who receive the privileges of the Father, but above all it is the way of life, upbringing, character, manners of the Father himself! It is a great responsibility to be called children of God! After all, we carry His Name on us!

Jerry, we've only just begun to understand this. How responsible is this! This is the very city and lamp that Jesus spoke about, that it is visible to everyone - Mt 5:14-16! It's time to check what kind of light you shine and whether you shine at all?!


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