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What an amazing God we have!!!

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


This young girl just was sitting at the entrance to the restaurant we were taken to for lunch after spending the day at the refugee camp!  I noticed her glancing over at me several times and when I would wave, she would look away very quickly! 

I asked one of our leaders if he would ask her if we could buy her lunch, but she refused.  She said her mom had only told her to go to the restaurant and wait for someone’s leftovers, then she was to bring them home for her mom to eat! 

I am not sure if we got the translation exactly right, but she was on a mission, and had her orders! (We should be so faithful with Christ!)

So we went to the staff and purchased a full meal for her to take home.  When the chef heard what was going on, he added a double portion - and I heard our brother say the meat alone was over two pounds!

It was a joy for everybody who was a part of this, but I can only imagine a very hungry family at home when they opened that package! Fishes and loaves…!!

What an amazing God we have!!!


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