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A Day in Tel Aviv

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


This is a new fountain that they have put in on the Jaffa hill! (In Acts 9:36, it is called Joppa)

We spent time on top of this hill, which overlooks Tel Aviv, praying for our own renewal and then Revival in Tel Aviv and all of Israel!  There is so much hardness here, hurt and anger… like the old adage goes, “hurt people, hurt people!”  Where does the forgiveness and healing begin?

After our intercession and prayer time, we wandered over to “Simon the tanner's” house. This is near where Tabitha was raised from the dead and Peter had that magnificent vision from God that opened the Gospel to every person on the face of the Earth!! Acts 10:15/ 11:18!!

Just considering the tremendous history in this area, especially for believers, we were overwhelmed!  Not to mention God's unbelievable patience with all of us in our rebelliousness and sin! “But God…”. Romans 5:8!

This is the entrance to “Simon the Tanners” house!  Acts 10:5.  Although it is privately owned, I was invited in a few years ago to see the spectacular view of the raging Mediterranean coast from their living room!

Tanners dealt with dead bodies and so were ‘unclean’ and the Sea was considered ‘undesirable’ because it was chaotic and turbulent- even evil!  So Simon had this beautiful place, that was considered filthy, for he and fellow believers to share and soon, gentiles, who would soon become co-heirs with Christ, in the family of God! Rom. 8:14-17


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