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An Isaiah 61:1 Day!

Updated: May 16

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


I had a great night’s sleep!  I slept through two bombs near our place, like Jesus in the boat! Thank you for your prayers! 

The power has been off and on, but amazingly it's there every time we have really needed it - even for morning coffee! 

(Side note from Sue: This next sentence was for me - but I feel like it also applies to all of you who  are so diligently praying.)    You said to be honest with you, so I trust you will be able to rest, with your armor on, as we walk through different situations here! 

Last night the Russian forces captured 4 villages near here in the Kharkiv region, close to the City.  Kharkiv is the second largest city in Ukraine (1.5 million) and would be a great prize!  The Russians have moved a large force in between Kiev and Kharkiv, in an attempt to cut off the highway between the two cities. This is the road we came in on yesterday. 

The authorities have told everybody to fill up their tanks with gas for a quick exit if necessary- for three  reasons, first to protect as many people as possible, also it is harder for Ukrainian troops to fight when civilians are  in the middle between the two armies, and finally, they don’t want the Russians to capture people’s vehicles, which would allow them to move their troops around even faster. 

Gennadii went to meet Stepan at a half way point in order to bring Rolfe here to us today.  Tomorrow Lev will leave for his conference in Switzerland. This morning we met with a really neat College senior who will take Lev’s place with us and I think do a great job!

God has made his agenda for this trip clear for several months now, so we are at perfect peace, regardless of what happens from here! If someone does not know about the clarity of His voice when our Lord speaks, staying here may sound foolish, but actually it is the other way around - I Cor. 3:19/ I Cor. 2:11-16 . We will be here until our Savior tells us to leave.


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