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Caring for those who care for others…

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


I thought it might be interesting to know a little bit about the way our loving God has directed us to bring financial support to these dear friends in Ukraine! 

We still support immediate needs of the poor with food packages, medicines and emergency equipment as each trip unfolds. But also the Lord keeps drawing our attention back to caring for those who care for others!

Many times real givers pour out so much that they are just as weary and needy as those they serve!  God has told us to be mindful of them because if these faithful servants are lost, the 100’s or even 1000’s they serve  will be without help!

According to the Scriptures, we only stay in one home in each town as God directs us. They take care of our housing, meals, laundry, transportation and supplies that we bring to others!  I used to ask what can we do for you? The wives always answered the same way- we would be so grateful to have a dinner out with you and our family (and no dishes to do afterward)!  Some of these sweet moms have never been to a restaurant before! It is always a great evening!!

While we are in these homes we can see first hand what they lack to carry on their homes and ministry without hindrance. And to the extent we are able, we make supply for that need in Jesus’s Name!

After 35 years in this part of the World it is a love fest, not only with our original friends but with their kids, even grandkids and all their friends!It has become a beautiful expression of Matthew 23:36-40 and Acts 2:42-47


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