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Just back tracking a little bit to Sunday...

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


On Sunday I preached at Central Baptist Church in Chernivtsi, Ukraine! It was a great time sharing with people about what God values!  Then we went to lunch with the whole pastoral staff and wives - about 25 people!  (When the regional pastor and his assistant heard about the lunch they left what they were doing and joined our party as well!) This whole lunch thing after church has been an amazing journey with God!

After we ate they asked questions for two hours about what the Scriptures have to say concerning the days and times we are in now! They asked some really great questions and I loved searching the Scriptures with them - Acts 17:11

After our lunch, Rolfe preached the evening service at Central Baptist and I was asked to speak at 2nd Baptist a few miles away! Again, God gave us amazing times with people and our dear brother Lev is a warrior on the translating duties and never complains!!

After preaching two services and our meeting with all the pastors, we were invited to a dinner with more friends and another two hours of questions and sharing! After that we felt like we had to spend our last night with the patriarch of the Kushnir family, grandpa Misha, who may be going home soon!  It was about 15 miles out of town, after curfew and very late!  We were stopped by the military police but treated with great kindness, they let us through and God gave us an amazing nighttime of reminiscing, singing old hymns and prayer! It may be our last time together before we meet in heaven!

By the end of the day our hearts were overflowing with joy and gratefulness!  But so tired we dropped all our other duties and plopped into bed!  We had gotten up that morning at 5:30 to prepare for the speaking and finally retired at 1 am the next morning, a little worse for wear but totally overwhelmed by the power and faithfulness of our Loving God!!!


We couldn’t do this without you dear friends! The powerful intercessions, prayers and fasting are opening all the doors of heaven for us and bringing down every stronghold of the enemy!

“How can we thank God enough for you…?!” I Thess. 3:9



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