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On to Kharkiv…

Updated: May 16

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


Before we left Kiev, we had reports of power outages and bombings, but we made it fine into Kharkiv! 

Gennadii and Lena were waiting for us - they started making dinner a couple of hours ago, but the power had been off for almost the same amount of time.  They prayed for power to finish dinner, walked across the lawn, between high rises, and their power was on at their flat! They finished cooking and are now ferrying the food over to our place about 200 yards away! Dear, dear friends!!

It really gets dark without any lights - especially when you close the door to the bathroom, and I still try to turn on the lights when I go to a different room!  We are spoiled and forget how blessed we are.  Alarms are going off as I write - it is what people here have been living with for over two years!

We had a great time at dinner, just getting caught up and making some plans for our week here!  God is in perfect control, as He always has been.

Kiev was an amazing time - people are so grateful for any kind of love and encouragement, which gives a wide open door for everything Jesus has prepared for us to do! I think Kharkiv will be the same as Kiev, open and starving for love and encouragement!

I’m pretty tired tonight. Not much sleep the past two nights, but I think this one will be better! My heart is full and I am so grateful to be just where the Lord wants me to be! Thanks for all of your faithful prayers!!


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