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On to Novomoskovsk...

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


We arrived safely in Novomoskovsk today, thanks be to God!  Tomorrow we are not able to go to the front, so that has been moved to next Tuesday. 

The next two days we will be with our dear brother, Stepan Bokoch, who is our host and Regional Pastor for the Dnepro region. 

On Sunday we have been scheduled to preach three times in a city that is facing relentless attacks from the Russian army, called Nicopol. 

It is Pentecost Sunday this coming weekend and a very special celebration! The sad part is that the bombing continued right through this last Easter Sunday and they expect the same as people gather again this weekend! 

On Monday the 20th, we are visiting military hospitals to be with wounded soldiers- God has used this time to really encourage both men and women who are injured and feeling afraid of what life is going to be like from here…

It looks like Tuesday we will head to the front lines.  There is often great courage among the soldiers there but little hope, especially if they have not found life in Jesus yet - I John 5:11,12.   We would love to bring them, by the power of the Holy Spirit, what only Jesus can give!

How can we thank God enough for each of your lives as we partner together in the great work of Jesus Christ? !I Thessalonians. 3:9!


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