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Sunday in Kharkiv...

Updated: May 16

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


This morning at church I talked about God’s love, the Holy Spirit and hearing God’s Voice!  Most people seemed pretty grateful for this and a woman from an International Aid organization came up immediately afterward in tears and asked for the baptism in the Holy Spirit right there!

Others want to know more and we are meeting with a group Wednesday evening!  This is a little challenging because basically the Baptists here feel like the Holy Spirit belongs to another denomination they don’t agree with… I am continuing to ask for God’s breakthrough- there is such great need here! 

Wonderful things are going on everyday - but, there always seems to be some kind of spiritual battle at the same time…  I am sooo grateful for all the prayers and the earnest intercession!!  I know that I am totally inadequate without it!  

Ten minutes from the church, on our way home, our new translator, Igor, ran into the back of another car, which hit another car.  We hit pretty hard! I was thrown into our hostess’ lap who was in the back seat with me.  Everybody is Ok, my neck got twisted a little bit but it is Ok.  Nobody would move their cars, the police came and went, and they are still arguing an hour and a half later…. It seems like we are really covered for the important stuff, but the devil still tries to sneak his bony fingers in wherever he can!  

I speak again tonight at an event with believers, non-believers, children, parents, and grandparents!  I am hoping that the Lord has a good plan for this time, I love these people! 

I’ll write more later but just thought I would fill you in while I was sitting here.  I hope that it is a blessed morning at church!  


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