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Today in Israel...

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


Today (Wednesday the 28th), Rolfe, Lev and I spent the day in Jerusalem!  It was a blessed day!  What a privilege to see the Garden tomb, the Via Delarosa, the Wailing Wall, the Temple Mount, the Pool of Bethsaida and more! 

But the most exciting thing was the people God prepared ahead of time for us to meet!

Everywhere we went people wanted to talk and hear why we were there (the streets are virtually empty because of the fighting here), the tourists must have gone somewhere else!

Some soldiers tonight wanted us to share their dinner with them, Rolfe met a professional photographer who has an amazing story but didn’t really know anything about Jesus!  He did by the time they finished talking!

While we were waiting to go up to the Temple Mount a woman from South Africa just wanted to go with us wherever we went, which she did for about three hours!  She didn’t know much about Jesus either but kept saying she wanted to know more when she saw how we treated one another and her… she also wanted to understand why it was important for us to follow Him as Lord, which was really fun to talk about! At the end there were hugs and kisses from someone we had never met before but left one another with joy and the hope that we would all see one another again in heaven!

An older gentleman did the same! Just after we came off the Temple Mount he hopped on board too!  He is 79 and was born in Jerusalem.  He had some great input but was really curious about us and it was exciting to switch the conversation back to Jesus!

Others we ran into today wanted to just shake our hands and gave us some simple gifts for doing nothing more than stopping to talk to them! 

I think in truth we all agree, that the greatest thing in God’s Kingdom is relationships- first with Him and then with one another, but all too seldom see that lived out!  It was a thrill to see how the simple things of Jesus still captivate the World!


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