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Update from Kharkiv

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


Tonight they called a meeting for all the leaders of the Central Baptist Church, so that we could search the Scriptures together, like Acts 17:11! They asked me questions for 2 1/2 hours on hearing God’s voice, the work of the Holy Spirit, obedience, how believers should respond to this extraordinary time of War and working with other churches that, before the War, were quite adversarial! And all of it was focused around the Word of God! There was a desperate, spiritual hunger to lean into the Truth of God’s Word for answers they had never been open to before!


Those of you who have been interceding and even fasting have partnered with the Holy Spirit to open these doors that could be life changing for everyone involved!

At the end there was the sweetest spirit of love, most of us held hands (a first for many of them), prayed for one another and then we hugged and even kissed (Romans 16:16) each other!  What an amazing ending to this intense meeting, even while distant bombs and sirens were wailing away! But our God can do anything!!

We have had numerous home meetings that are wonderful! Ukrainian food is amazing, the fellowship is sweet as it can be, our time is always around the Word of God and much prayer! It feels like all the excitement of the 1st Century Church! Acts 2:42-47

On Wednesday, I spoke with a men’s group that was largely around how we view the days we have here on earth and death!  These are not just ethereal topics but an intense reality every day!  It was a tremendous time- with more stories from that group than I can relate now- but maybe in my book someday!

Rolfe did a great job sharing the Gospel / Salvation message right after the morning men’s group with about 250-300 people who had come for food!  Many of them were refugees who had lost everything! At the end several ended up committing their lives to Christ!

Things are not going very well for Ukraine in the War right now- especially around our city, Kharkiv!  The Ukrainian military are running out of ammunition and rockets to fight back! In the last week 9 villages, just outside of the City have been lost and a soldier we were with yesterday said the fighting now is house to house and very deadly!

There is always bombing but Tuesday night there were 21 cruise missiles which are huge, and an undetermined number of rockets! I told the Clarks that we are usually comparing notes on what we heard from the night before and how big and /or close the explosions were. But the last several nights I haven’t heard a thing- I have been out like a light, feeling refreshed and ready to go for the day!  It is a little crazy but it feels like Jesus in the back of the boat, fast asleep in the midst of the storm- I am just filled with His peace!  I believe Rolfe is pretty much the same!  

Your love and prayers have bathed us in God's embrace wherever we have gone!  Oh, that everyone could know this peace that passes all understanding… Phil. 4:7  I pray that you also know this peace and wonderful covering, and how much You are Loved!!


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