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The Kibera Slums...

by Pastor Jerry Theckston


We walked through the Kibera slums today, and had a great time with the people in Kenya’s largest and most violent slum!

But there was nothing but joy as we walked through with friends and just loved on the people as we made our way to Graceland School, to see our dear friend principal Judy and her staff!  They asked me to pray for them as we prepared to leave, which was a great joy!

This is the Graceland staff that has literally pulled 60 kids from 1 year old to about 10, off of the slums’ dangerous

streets and are giving them a great

education around our faith in Christ!

Graceland has grown and now has two locations that are close to each other but they still do all of the cooking for 60 kids in Judy’s little apartment there in the slums!

It was just fun seeing the kids so happy to have a safe place, love and food to eat!

And what a joy to move through

slums that outside people fear but they are just people who need to be loved!

This is one of the local gang bosses who really warmed up and wants us to come back and spend more time with him!

Alex, the leader of the ”Kidstar Academy” and I looking over the Kibera slums and dreaming for the future of children who many think have no future! But they are the Lord’s kids and He didn’t create them for nothing!

Sharing in a brother’s dream…

These kids are wonderful and very smart!  They could bring light to the World if given a chance!

Food packages they put together in a couple of hours when we saw the immediate need from the flood damage! Courtesy of our dear friends in Ukraine, who just want to help in the midst of their own crisis!

These staples will serve many people in a time of critical need!


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